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Schedule a Non-Interactive Job

Jobs that are compute-intensive often take hours to run, and users do not want to have to wait. By making a job non-interactive, you can leave the job to be scheduled and complete without staying connected. This also provides a convenient method for submitting multiple jobs simultaneously.

For this example, we will use several parameters to demonstrate their use. To run this example, go to the portal, click on "MGRID Job Submission", and fill in the fields as shown below:


Go to the MGRID Portal
The "Job Name" field provides a tag for you to identify this job later. This field is required.
We use cluster "MacOSX_cluster" because a wide number of users are authorized to run jobs on it.
The "Queue" parameter will assume a default. Other clusters may require this to be specified.
The full path of the executable must be specified. Because this is a MAC OS cluster, uname resides in /usr/bin (not /bin as in some other Unix type systems).
The "-a" argument to uname will give more information about the system. Note that at this time the portal only supports one parameter to the executable.
The "Run Interactive?" box must not be checked. When run this way, the job will run in the background, and "Job name", "Standard Output File" and "Standard Error File" must be specified.
The optional "Email" parameter allows for notification when the job completes.
The "Walltime" is in minutes.
Host count is the number of nodes or processors.
The "Standard Output File" is where your output will be sent
The "Standard Error File" is where your error messages will be sent

When you have filled in the fields as shown, click "Run Job", and you will be presented with the dialog below:

Job Submission

The above shows that your job was successfully submitted. You may now click on "Return to Submission Form".

To check the progress of your job, refer to Monitoring Jobs.

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