MGRID Portal How-To

Grid-Enable Your Browser

The MGRID web portal provides a secure interface for running jobs, which uses the University of Michigan's existing Kerberos infrastructure.

To use this interface, you must have Kerberos installed, import certificates to your browser, and enable your browser to use the kx509 interface. The following browser/platform combinations are supported.

Click on the one appropriate for your platform for installation instructions and follow the numbered steps.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netcape on Windows
Netscape on Apple MacIntosh
Firefox on Apple MacIntosh
Mozilla/Netscape on Linux

MGRID How-to

Grid-Enable Your Browser
Submit a Simple Interactive Job
Schedule a Non-Interactive Job
Monitor Your Non-Interactive Jobs
Change Authorization
When Your Certificate Will Expire
How Much Resources People Use
Upload and Download Your Files Into and Out of MGRID
What Computing Clusters are Available from MGRID
What Technology MGRID Uses
Typical MGRID User Steps